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KJ Apa reveals that he spent New Year's Eve in the hospital with Clara Berry: 'No we're not having another baby'

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After KJ Apa shared an image of himself with his rumored wife, and mother of his son, Clara Berry on Instagram which revealed the pair spent New Year's Eve "back in the hospital".

Many speculated that the pair were announcing that they were going to be having a second baby with this post, but the Riverdale actor quickly put an end to those rumors before they truly took flight by writing a follow-up message in the comments section in response, "No we’re not having another baby,".

Although that may have disappointed fans, the New Zealand actor clarified that the pair were "not having" another baby "Yet". The picture he posted showed his other half lying in a hospital bed while wearing a gown and a blue surgical mask.

The Riverdale star wore a green zip-up hoodie over a yellow t-shirt and a black Mighty Ducks hat on his head covering his red-dyed hair.

Although the star didn't reveal the reason for their visit to the hospital, the comments section was inbound with well wishes and "get well" soons from friends and fans.