Moms are practically their children’s secretary, nurse, and playmate all in one package. These jobs add up and it means that, as a mom, you end up with a lot on your plate. Kim Kardashian West knows this just as much as any other working mom out there.

Kim, who is in the middle of promoting her KKW Beauty and Fragrance line, opened up to Entertainment Tonight about raising three children.

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"Everyone needs your attention today. I was a little bit late because my son is sick and he didn't want me to leave. It's so hard," Kim said. "I do want to make sure that I have enough time for everybody because having kids is just... there is no way to describe it, but it is a lot." 

When asked if she has considered having another child, she kept her answer short and sweet.

"Three is a lot [of kids]," Kim said, but added, "you never know."

 The 38-year-old star revealed that women from all areas of her life warned her about the stress of having three children.

"My mom kind of prepped me [for what having three kids was like], and it was crazy because when everyone found out that I was having a third, everyone had a crazy story... like, 'Two was great, but three, you are outnumbered. You are exhausted'... Like, all of these nightmare stories," Kim said.

When asked if she would want a brother for son Saint West, she answered that it “would be nice. It really would, but I'm very full right now." 

So to anyone out there waiting for another Kardashian West baby, there is some hope for it to happen in the future.