As Kim Kardashian is usually rocking expensive brands such as Yeezy, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and more, it was surprising to fans to see her out and about with a more affordable look. Taking to Instagram yesterday, KKW shared a photo of her wearing a North Face jacket and leather pants, as she was looking "Casual for a petco run."

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Casual for a petco run ? Back Grid

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Many were quick to realize it seems this photo was actually taken in December, as fans photographed the same exact look at a PetSmart in Calabasas. To many people, Kim wearing a North Face is surely not a big deal. It's a pretty nice brand with a lot of warm weather choices. But to others on social media, it was found both humorous and awesome that Kim wore a brand we all used to wear so often.

Some joked that if Kim K wears it, we all can too again.

Popsugar even talked about Kim's North Face today, calling it a "sexy take." Finally, Kim K is serving a look we can all afford... at least one piece of it!