Kim Kardashian Fangirls Over Hanging Out With 'Idol' Jennifer Lopez

Even Kim Kardashian takes a break to have a chill movie night every once in a while, but Kim’s night yesterday wasn’t anything like one you have with your friends that's filled with popcorn and fuzzy blankets. Instead, Kim’s featured an unreleased film and that film’s star, Jennifer Lopez.

Kim hosted J.Lo, Kris Jenner and Sia for a screening of the new movie Second Act, which will premiere on Dec. 21.

It turns out Kim has actually been obsessed with Jennifer Lopez for a while, which many fans didn’t know. She was having a moment of disbelief during the get-together, and shared it with her fans on social media.

"My inspiration for everything has been Jennifer Lopez," Kim gushed.

"Never in my life would I have imagined that my idol would wanna come have a movie night with me," Kim also stated.

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Kim and Jennifer Lopez tonight!

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Kris Jenner also posted her own video with J.Lo to her Instagram.

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Best night ever!!! @secondactmovie @jlo

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The group celebrated Sia’s birthday with some sweet treats at the gathering.


Lopez will hit the big screen again with Second Act, a film that follows a woman named Maya who makes it big without even obtaining a college degree. Many have pointed out the parallels between Maya and Jennifer's journeys.

"I'm a girl from the Bronx who just feels ... really happy to have made it through her own dark forest," Lopez told NPR. "[I'm] still growing, and evolving, and trying to be better every day."

We're happy for Lopez on her new film, and for Kardashian who got to enjoy it with her.