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Kim Kardashian Asks Fans for Their Opinions on Possibility 'Tiger King's Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian asked fans for their opinions on Carole Baskin from Netflix's 'Tiger King' | David Livingston/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is the latest person to lose their mind over Netflix's Tiger King. In case you haven't binge-watched the documentary series just yet, the show follows the story of, according to the streaming service, a "zoo owner who spirals out of control." But it turns out to be way, way more than just that.

However, there's one character in the show that Kim specifically wants to know more about. The 39-year-old reality star started off her Tiger King conversation on Twitter by first asking her followers if they had watched the explosive show. "It is crazy!!!!," she added.

Then, Kim realized how passionate her fanbase was about the show based on their responses. She followed up with a second tweet, asking their thoughts on Carole Baskin. "Wow the amount of texts I’ve gotten about Tiger King since I tweeted about it all have mentioned their belief that Carol [sic] killed her husband! What are your thoughts? Do you think Carol [sic] killed him?," the mom-of-four wrote.

As fans of the series know, Carole's husband Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared, so there's some pretty crazy theories as to what happened to him, spearheaded by the main player of the show himself, Joe Exotic.

"Her husband’s ex-wife and children are very convinced that she did!! But who knows??," one fan tweeted in a response to Kim. "She FOR SURE did! Doesn’t make sense that she didn’t have search parties, go on the news and plead for information about her missing husband. Doesn’t add up," another replied.

While we all pull out our best detective skills to try to figure out what really happened to Carole's husband, Kim K is right there with us, y'all. Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix now. If you're looking for even more binge-worthy content to watch, check out these awesome deals here for Sling TV to catch up on all your favorite shows.