Kim Kardashian has remained coy all year on questions surrounding the expansion of her family. Even when she was asked in interviews if 2019 will bring a fourth child to her and Kanye West, the reality star did not have a clear answer. We know she's said in the past, however, that she would only have four kids, so we all assumed a fourth was coming at some point.

And according to US Weekly, that point is now! Reportedly, Kim and Kanye's surrogate is pregnant with a baby boy. The couple used a surrogate with their last child, daughter Chicago, when it was deemed too dangerous for Kim to carry a baby again.

Kim and Kanye are parents to North, five, Saint, three, and Chicago, who is turning one year old this month.

An insider says their baby boy is due "in very early May," adding that Kim "always wanted four kids." Now that the news is circulating, we'll just have to wait for the couple to confirm the news themselves. Hopefully they won't keep us in the dark for too long!

In early December, Kim opened up on the possibility of having four kids, explaining that three was already enough. "My mom kind of prepped me [for what having three kids was like], and it was crazy because when everyone found out that I was having a third, everyone had a crazy story... like, 'Two was great, but three, you are outnumbered. You are exhausted'... Like, all of these nightmare stories," Kim told Entertainment Tonight.

"Three is a lot [of kids]," Kim stated, but added, "you never know."

Congratulations to the sweet family, if they are in fact expecting!