When our favorite celebrities release new clothing brands, makeup collections, perfume lines, and more things we can buy, we all of course want to go ahead and get every product. But unfortunately for us, we're not celebs who can afford just anything. This goes for the Kardashians and their various business ventures.

Khloé Kardashian's line Good American, which primarily is known for their inclusive jeans, has been received with terrific reviews since its launch. However, the clothing isn't exactly cheap. If you go on the website, you'll find jeans ranging in price from around $99 to $179. That's certainly not affordable for everyone.

But one fan was dedicated to buying a pair, and sweetly took to Twitter to inform Khloé that will be working 20 hours in order to purchase. "Catch me picking up extra shifts," she wrote. KoKo was quick to respond, tweeting, "Awwwwww this is so cute!!!!"

Yet, not many people found this cute. Khloé received tons of replies from frustrated fans, who didn't think someone struggling to afford her brand should be celebrated.

Some nicely pointed out that this was actually a bit upsetting.


But others were more direct, explaining that Khloé found her brand being too expensive for the average person cute.

And others said Khloé should've at least helped the girl out.

We understand it's cute to have fans super dedicated to you, but this should've been a wakeup call that most of Khloé's fans likely can't afford her clothes. I know I'm not spending that much on jeans!