Khloe Kardashian labels Kanye West a 'car crash in slow motion'

2019 E! People's Choice Awards - Arrivals
2019 E! People's Choice Awards - Arrivals / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Khloe Kardashian is drawing a line in the sand.

The July 6 episode of The Kardashians saw the Good American co-founder and Kim Kardashian reacting to the antisemitic tweets Kanye West posted last fall. During an emotional heart-to-heart, Khloe comforted her tearful sister, who was concerned she may have played a part in her ex-husband getting dropped by Adidas after publicly condemning his remarks.

"He had so many opportunities to retract what he said and he would double down all the time," Khloe said. "I think sometimes our silence speaks louder, and what you did was not wrong. What you did has nothing to do with what's happening right now."

Khloe went on to empathize with Kim, sharing that she still feels bad for ex Lamar Odom's past struggles with drug addiction.

"That's his demon," Kim retorted, to which Khloe replied, "Correct, those are his, and these are Kanye's things."

Khloe added, "I'm not on your level and I'm not going through what you're going through right now, but I can relate. It's OK that you're crying. It's OK that you have feelings."

In a confessional, Khloe said she's "heartbroken seeing Kim in so much pain."

"To me, watching Ye is like watching a car crash in slow motion and I feel terrible about everything," the 38-year-old said. "None of us share these antisemitic views. We think it's gravely irresponsible."