Ben Affleck's departure from the Batman role has left the door wide open for various stars to take his spot. There's been multiple names thrown out there, many of whom have experience in superhero films, such as Michael B. Jordan and Oscar Isaac.

However, the early favorite to take on the role of Bruce Wayne has been an actor who's never appeared in a live-action superhero film. Armie Hammer has consistently come up in fans' and reporters' predictions for Affleck's replacement.

And the Call Me By Your Name actor just got a massive stamp of approval from one of the biggest names in the industry. During an interview on The Mike Calta Show Friday, comic book writer Kevin Smith endorsed Hammer as the prime man for the job.

“Lovely dude... I hope it’s him. Man, does he look like Bruce Wayne. And boy does he have a Bruce Wayne Batman voice,” Smith said. “Never mind all this voice hiding stuff... He’s got this naturally deep voice. Him, that’d be a great choice."

There was a false report out last week claiming that Hammer was in “advanced talks” to take on the role for Matt Reeves' The Batman, but he denied it in an interview with Yahoo.

“Let me say this: No one who can actually give me the job has asked me if I’m interested,” Hammer said. “I don’t even know if they are done — I think they are still working on a script. I don’t think that they are close to production but I can conclusively tell you that no one has checked my availability, which is a bummer.”

If Warner Bros. never rings Hammer's phone, Smith proposes another actor he believes should play the caped crusader. "Jon Hamm I think would be an amazing choice, [Hamm and Hammer] are my top two picks,” Smith stated.

Whether it's Hammer, Hamm, or even Nick Jonas, we know The Batman arrives in 2021, so the clock is ticking on WB and DC to make their pick.