Kendall Jenner Trolled for Her New Kylie Makeup Collab Promo That's Too Dark to Even See

Kendall Jenner
People are trolling Kendall Jenner's Instagram post promoting her makeup collaboration for Kylie Cosmetics. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner troll. By now, Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans have probably heard about Kylie and Kendall's new beauty collaboration for Kylie Cosmetics. It marks the first time the two gals have worked together in the makeup sphere, and it's a big deal for followers of the famous fam. Unfortunately, however, Kendall is now getting trolled for her marketing skills.

After Kendall posted an Instagram photo touting the new makeup line, fans over on Reddit had some harsh criticism. "Confused w/ Kendall/Kylie collab marketing," one person said. "Kendall posts her saying shes half naked but wearing her makeup [doesn't] make me closer to buying it. ITS SO DARK YOU CANT SEE THE MAKEUP."

See the post in question below.

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wearing KENDALL X KYLIE makeup collab and not much else

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Most fans seemed to be in agreement.

"Is this intentional marketing? Or is Kendall just posting pics saying she’s wearing it. This doesn’t even match the theme of the other marketing materials," one questioned in the thread. "I literally commented on her post it was too dark to see her makeup! I don't get then... SMH," another wrote.

Okay, so Kendall may need to hire a new marketing team, but that doesn't make the collaboration launch any less exciting. The joint line from the sisters officially launched today, and it's a purchase fans can feel good about. The duo are donating a portion of all sales to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, an organization that protects and defends the human rights of black transgender people.