Kendall Jenner is always one to make a statement with her style choices, and the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party last night was definitely no exception. The 23-year-old model, who is known to bare some serious skin in the name of fashion, wore what might been her most daring outfit yet. It's honestly impressive she didn't have a wardrobe malfunction.

Kendall wore a black halter-neck gown with a extremely deep neck, but what really turned heads was the bottom half, which only included a slim strip of fabric down the middle, exposing both her two legs and full hips. You've just got to see it to believe it.

See? She's nearly flashing photographers as she walks by in the second photo above.

But because she's Kendall Jenner and is an absolutely gorgeous, experienced model, she rocked it. We can confidently say not many could pull this one off. And thankfully for her, it appears her skin has cleared up majorly since the 2018 awards season. You'll likely recall the internet bullying she unfairly received after she stepped out for the Golden Globes last year, as she had a lot of acne.

We're happy Kendall looks the happiest, healthiest, and of course--the most risqué--ever.