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Kendall Jenner explains how she deals with false narratives about herself and family

VOGUE World: New York - Runway
VOGUE World: New York - Runway / JP Yim/GettyImages

If you've been keeping up with Kendall Jenner, you'll know she doesn't have time to keep up with false narratives. After spending most of her life in the public eye, the model has seen many stories written about her and her family. But as she recently reflected on how she deals with the untrue things written about her out in the world, on a podcast hosted by Jay Shetty,

"There's so many false narratives. So many people think they have you figured out when they don't even know the half of it, The Kardashians reality star explained during the Sept. 12 episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

"It can feel really unfair because that is not who I am. That can really get to me sometimes and that really sucks. But then looking at myself in the mirror and being like I know who I am, so why does anything else matter?"

She added, "Everything else is just noise."