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Katy Perry transforms into Tinkerbell for ‘American Idol‘ Disney themed night

2020 American Music Awards - Show
2020 American Music Awards - Show | Kevin Mazur/AMA2020/Getty Images

Katy Perry, 36, who is known for her love of dressing up, wowed the audience with her Tinkerbell look for Sunday night's (May 2) Disney themed episode of American Idol.

We’re only a few weeks away from finding out who will be 2021's American Idol, season 19, winner and in the latest episode, the contestants and judges headed to Walt Disney World to perform some magical tunes from the Disney songbook.

The 36-year-old Fireworks singer fully embraced the Disney theme by not only dressing up as Peter Pan's sassy fairy friend, Tinkerbell - complete with a pair of sparkling wings, a light green dress and shoes with Tink's signature pompoms - but the mom-of-one went as far as dying her eyebrows blonde to match her Tinkerbell-inspired updo.

The Dark Horse singer debuted the look and on her social media accounts over the weekend, she also documented the process of getting ready. Check out the post below.

Later, the 36-year-old singer joked with her fans that she was ready to dye her eyebrows back to normal and proceeded to post a series of pictures and videos while in her Tinkerbell inspired costume.