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Kate Beckinsale Reacts to Rumors She's Dating Pete Davidson With Instagram Comment

It's no secret the world was shocked when reports claimed actress Kate Beckinsale and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson were seen flirting and leaving a Golden Globes after-party together on Sunday night. Some were confused as to how the pair met, many were impressed with the comedian for rebounding from the gorgeous Ariana Grande to an equally as beautiful woman, and pretty much everyone just didn't know what to make of the situation.

Well, it goes without saying both parties were probably notified of the reports, and Kate is now responding to them...kind of. Taking to Instagram today, the 45-year-old actress posted an old photo of her mom when she was young, joking about her rather questionable outfit.

As expected, Kate's comments section flooded with questions about Pete rather than her or her mother. When one wrote, "Dear heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson," the actress responded with a bit of humor. "no that’s my mother. Easy mistake," Kate replied, according to US Weekly. Welp.

While Kate's comment back was no doubt super funny, we're still disappointed it tells us nothing about her relationship with Pete. Are they friends? Are they actually hooking up? Or did they only briefly speak once on Sunday night? We are desperate to know.