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Kanye West calls Pete Davidson a 'd***head', shares private text from SNL star

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Kanye West continues his social media onslaught of Pete Davidson - who's dating Ye's ex Kim Kardashian - with another set of angry posts to his Instagram on Sunday. The rapper - who also recently started "beef" with Kid Cudi over being friends with the SNL star - has pretty much turned his personal account into an "I hate Pete Davidson club" as he continues to share, with his 12.1 million followers; photos, memes and articles about the comedian accompanied by angry messages and rude comments.

In one of his recent posts, the 44-year-old rapper - who appears to be engaging in online bullying of the 28-year-old - shared a screenshot of his recent exchange with Pete, declaring that he will "never" get to meet his kids.

The 28-year-old comedian had texted the rapper-designer: " as a man I'd never get in the way of your children. That's a promise. How you guys go about raising your kids is your business and not mine. I do hope [some] day I can meet them and we can all be friends."

Kanye - who suffers from bipolar disorder - shared a pantsless snap of Pete with his friend Machine Gun Kelly captioned: "No you will never meet my children."