Kanye West Congratulates Kim Kardashian on 'Officially Becoming a Billionaire' After Making Major Coty Sale

Kanye West shares tweet for Kim Kardashian, claims she's a billionaire. | JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/Getty Images

If you woke up this morning and saw a tweet which prompted you to question Kim Kardashian's financial status, you're not alone. Kanye West is out here congratulating his wife on "officially becoming a billionaire," and fans are confused as to whether or not that's actually true.

Kanye's tweet comes on the heels of the news that Kim is following in little sister Kylie Jenner's footsteps in selling a stake in her cosmetics brand to Coty, a global beauty company. As reported by US Weekly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star announced the sale in a press release on Monday, revealing that she sold a 20 percent stake of KKW Beauty to Coty for $200 million. In a report from Forbes also published yesterday, the site claimed that the new sale has brought Kim's net worth to $900 million, not quite a billion.

But nevertheless, Kanye took to Twitter last night to gush over how "proud" he was of his "beautiful wife" on "officially becoming a billionaire." He added, "You’ve weathered the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family. So blessed this is still life. So I made you this still life. We love you so much," and attached a photo of flowers and vegetables, because why not?

Of course, 'Ye's tweet received an outpour of replies criticizing him for posting about money when people across the world are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One person responded with, "Cool dude. 45 million Americans are unemployed right now," while another wrote, "kim, there’s people that are dying. redistribute your wealth. no one needs a billion dollars."

It's definitely a bit tone deaf to be posting a congratulations to Kim right now, whether the billionaire status is even true or not.