Kanye West Donates to Food Charities in Los Angeles and Chicago for Those Affected by Coronavirus Crisis

Kanye West donates to food charities during Coronavirus crisis.
Kanye West donates to food charities during Coronavirus crisis. | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Kanye West is fighting against hunger and helping his communities in Los Angeles and Chicago amidst the novel Coronavirus. On Thursday, the rapper donated to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, and We Women Empowered in his hometown of Chicago to help those in need.

PEOPLE reports that the music mogul has given an undisclosed amount to each charity in efforts to provide meals to children, families, and the elderly affected by the pandemic. West's donations come at a crucial time, with the CDC confirming cases of Coronavirus in fifty states and over 200 deaths from the illness nationwide.

We Women Empowered, led by Josephine “Mother” Wade, has been working tirelessly to deliver three meals each day to assist the elderly of the Southside of Chicago, where West was raised. Wade told PEOPLE just how much West’s donation has meant for the organization.

“I don’t know how to even put into words the miracle that happened today to change the course of the Southside of Chicago,” Wade said in an exclusive statement. “I am beyond gratified to know that in all of the suffering we have seen this week, through the tireless work to feed the hurting, hungry and lonely — all of the sudden, out of the clear blue, we get a call from heaven that someone wants to help. And in one phone call, in an instance today, our world was changed.”

The Dream Center in Los Angeles is currently feeding 7,000 meals each day, with an increase expected to surpass 9,000 meals soon. The organization reports that with the help of the rapper's donation, they will be able to provide “hundreds of thousands of meals during this time to children and elderly in need.” It's nice to see West be so gracious to those in need during a time of uncertainty.

To donate to either organization, visit the official sites for Los Angeles Dream Center and We Women Empowered.