Justin Bieber is returning to his singing roots.

One of the reasons many aspiring singers share their music to YouTube is because there's been a precedence set that artists can work their way up from the site to a bigger stage. A key example of that is Bieber, who went from YouTuber to one of the biggest artists in the industry seemingly overnight.

Now, the award-winning singer is having a YouTube homecoming and is reportedly partnering with the video-sharing website for a “top-secret project” that’s set to debut next year. Specific details regarding the project, however, have yet to be released.

 It “promises to be one of the most talked-about YouTube originals ever,” said Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer, who announced the partnership Thursday at the platform's Brandcast event for advertisers.

Although there's very little detail on what the project is, most fans expect it to be new music from Bieber, who recently said he's working on his first album since 2015's Purpose.

Hopefully more details come out about the project because it would be incredibly disappointing if fans expect new music, but receive something else.

However, Kyncl saying the partnership will be "one of the most talked about YouTube originals ever" likely means the project will be huge enough to leave Beliebers happy.