7 days of Bieber! Justin Bieber blesses fans with pic every day this week despite ‘cultural appropriation’ scandal

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Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Justin Bieber, 27, has always been active on Instagram and Twitter - but after debuting “dreadlocks” on social media, controversy erupted and the Biebs got accused of cultural appropriation - you’d think that the “Yummy” singer would have taken a break from posting online. 

But you’d be wrong! The 27-year-old Canadian  super star has since decided to post a selfie every single day on Instagram, maybe even to just to spite his haters? 

Whatever the reason, we’re not complaining! 

7 days of Justin Bieber

Take a look below at his posts.

Day 1  - Justin and Hailey Bieber enjoying some sun! 

Day 2 - Justin Bieber debuts dreadlocks

Day 3 - Justin Bieber just out here living his best life

Day 4 - Justin Bieber poses for a moody B&W pic

Day 5 - Justin Bieber just loves feet, not that you can tell from his face

Day 6 - Justin Bieber listening to Let It Go by DJ Khaled 

Day 7 - Justin Bieber tells fans he loves them