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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are butting heads over having kids

Justin Bieber "Justice World Tour" - San Diego
Justin Bieber "Justice World Tour" - San Diego / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are reportedly butting heads over the topic of having babies.

Hailey Bieber has crushed husband Justin Bieber's dreams with her recent announcement that she’s not ready to start a family just yet, an insider shares.

After Hailey, 25, told an interviewer that she “definitely” wouldn’t be having a baby this year, the singer, 27, was “devastated,” spills the insider.

The model recently admitted that having kids this year “would be a bit hectic,” noting that she’s still “super, super young.”

“Justin wants an army of kids, but Hailey is set on focusing on her career and will not be rushed, period,” the insider explains. The disagreement, the insider adds, is stirring up new tensions behind the scenes for the couple, who tied the knot in 2018 after a roller-coaster romance.

“Justin has been eager to have children for a while now, and he’s getting impatient,” the insider explains.“But Hailey going public with her feelings was a real kick in the teeth, and friends are seeing it as a signal that they’re heading toward another rough patch."