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Did The Jonas Brothers just win the 'Bing Bong' challenge?

iHeartRadio Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball 2021 - Show
iHeartRadio Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball 2021 - Show / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

On Friday, Dec. 17, The Jonas Brothers blew up on TikTok after the trio smashed the "Bing Bong/ Joe Byron" challenge.

Nick Jonas posted the TikTok alongside the caption, “Dinner plans?” on Twitter. As the video begins, Joe Jonas appears in the frame, lip-syncing “Bing bong,” and then Nick pops up beside him to say, “Are you vaccinated?” The JoBros are shown in The White House, which is full of holiday decorations, and it becomes clear where they are as Nick tilts the camera to show the presidential seal. Joining in the fun, Kevin Jonas pops out from behind a giant holiday card and mimes, “Yes, sir!”

It gets even better once the audio cuts to, “Who’s the president, man, who’s the president?” as the bros perfectly coordinate their “Byron” responses. Soon the TikTok cuts to the bros on a couch, where they finish out the iconic “What’s up baby. Take me out to dinner” phrase. At the end of the clip, Nick, Joe, and Kevin ask, “Did you get it?” and the camera flashes to none other than President “Byron” (Joe Biden) himself holding a phone and responding, “We got it.”

You can watch the hilarious video below.