John Krasinski Once Recalled the Time Using 'The Office' Fame Backfired on Him

John Krasinski plays 'Never Have I Ever' with Buzzfeed Celeb.
John Krasinski plays 'Never Have I Ever' with Buzzfeed Celeb. | YouTube: Buzzfeed Celeb

BuzzFeed hosted John Krasinski on their YouTube channel back in 2016 to play a friendly game of Never Have I Ever, and the results were pretty great. The beloved actor showcased his comedic talent on The Office and has since been launched into full-on stardom. He is now a Emmy nominee and acclaimed director. In the interview, he was asked him if he had ever used his status as a celebrity from the NBC sitcom to get him anything special, and his answer was super humorous.

"When I first got [his job on] The Office, my friends and I went to a bar. And we're talking, like, season one [of The Office]," Krasinski began, going on to explain that none of them could get into the bar. "My friends just said 'just go up and just say you're from The Office and I said 'okay.' So I went up to this bouncer and I said 'I'm an actor, I'm the guy on The Office' and [the bouncer] goes 'I don't care,'" he hilariously added.

Krasinski never elaborated on whether or not he got into the bar, but the story is still great. You can watch the full video below.

In more recent news for the actor, Krasinski has faced backlash after he sold his web series Some Good News to ViacomCBS. You can read all about the drama here.