We can't imagine what it would be like to hold in a giant spoiler about a TV show that we knew before anyone else--but Sophie Turner knows the feeling all too well.

The 23-year-old Game of Thrones star apparently told musician and fiancé, Joe Jonas, the ending to the series' pivotal eighth season.

“I’ve just told Joe,” the actress said in an interview with Glamour UK. “But he’s so mad at me—he loves the show! Well, I have to tell someone, otherwise I’ll burst.”

We hear you, Sophie. Honestly, we're not sure we'd be able to keep the secret all to ourselves either.

Turner isn't alone in her struggle to stay silent--Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, also revealed a spoiler of the show to his significant other. After he gave away a crucial moment in season seven (spoilers ahead!), Leslie Rose allegedly did not talk to him "for three days."

“He told me the ending of last season and I remember getting a bit uppity about that," Rose told Entertainment Weekly. "He happened to tell me...that one of the dragons fall into the ice lake, and then we see the dragon being dragged out of the water and the dragon breathes fire...onto The Wall, and then, of course, that’s when all the [Army of the Dead] can then cross over. So he told me about the dragon and I got rather livid with him, because I said, ‘You weren’t supposed to tell me everything! And that’s a huge piece of information!’ And he’s like, ‘Well, you asked!’ And I was like, ‘I know.'”

It can't be easy keeping one of the biggest secrets in television from your significant other, and we're sure neither of the actors' partners were able to stay mad at them for too long.

[h/t: Elle]