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JK Rowling Turned Down the Role of Harry's Mom Lily in 'Harry Potter'

Like with any major film franchise, many big-name actors were almost cast in the Harry Potter series. From the late and great Robin Williams up for the part of Hagrid, to Hugh Grant almost playing Gilderoy Lockhart, plenty of acclaimed stars were close to joining the Wizarding World. And funnily enough, even JK Rowling herself was considered for a role.

Ahead of the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Rowling was asked to play the part of Harry’s mother, Lily Potter. As you probably remember, we see Lily and James Potter in the mirror of Erised, when Harry has the heartfelt moment of seeing his parents again.

Reportedly, Rowling was not about it, however, feeling she was "not cut out to be an actress because she'd mess-up somehow." The role eventually went to Geraldine Somerville, who played Lily in all eight films.

Fans have been very vocal over the years about their desire to have Rowling play Harry's mom, as it would make perfect sense and be super adorable.

Plus, Rowling playing a part in the films would fit in with her rule of having an all-British cast. But it just seems she was not open to trying her hand at acting. With the amount of success she’s seen over the years though, it looks like she made the right choice only focusing on writing.

This article also appears on Mental Floss.