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Jennifer Aniston Weighs in on Possibility Ross and Rachel From 'Friends' Would Still Be Together


Friends ended 15 years ago with Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) on-again-off-again romance very much on. But the real questions is: would they still be together today?

That’s what Today wanted to know when Aniston and her co-star Adam Sandler stopped by to promote their new Netflix movie, Murder Mystery.

“Yes, absolutely,” Aniston responded confidently when asked if Ross and Rachel are still together. She also added, “Emma's grown up. She's in high school…let's say junior high.” Sandler jokingly chimed in, “She's vaping in high school and you're just looking the other way. Way to go.”

So...Can we also expect a Friends reunion?

Aniston got everyone’s hopes up last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she told the host that she believes the cast would get back together. “Anything is possible, Ellen,” the actress said.

Aniston has since backtracked on this statement, according to E! News, however, announcing on an upcoming episode of The Talk that she was just tired of disappointing fans. “I honestly just got tired of saying no. So, I just thought well, why not try this and see what happens,” she revealed

Whether we get to see it on screen or not, it is nice to know that Aniston is on board with Ross and Rachel’s happily-ever-after.