Jenelle Evans Responds After She's Accused of Saying the N-Word on TikTok

Jenelle Evans responded to fan accusations she said the n-word on TikTok.
Jenelle Evans responded to fan accusations she said the n-word on TikTok. / Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans is caught up in a heated game of he-said, she-said with fans after they swear they heard her say the N-word online. However, the former Teen Mom 2 star is insisting that it never happened and that fans have the situation all wrong.

As The Sun reports, on July 31, Jenelle shared a steamy TikTok video where she was seen dancing to Saweetie's popular song "Tap In." However, she also lip-synced some of the words, and fans claim they caught her singing the N-word during one particular verse.  "UMMMM did she really just mouth that?," one fan questioned. "How is she not canceled yet?," another fan comment read.

Jenelle vehemently denied she ever sang or even mouthed the N-word.  "I didn't," she responded. "I wouldn't have uploaded if I did." You can see her TikTok video for yourself in a repost below.

Jenelle has come under fire multiple times this summer. As reports, in July, fans were fuming when the former reality star stepped out to her local Walmart not wearing a face mask and then proceeded to taunt one woman. She and husband David Eason could be heard mocking shoppers in a video they posted from their shopping trip. "She's gotta put her mask on first," Jenelle sarcastically said of one person walking by.

The mom-of-three is no stranger to controversy, but it certainly seems like she's been in more hot water than ever these days.