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Jenelle Evans' Domestic Violence 911 Call Explained on 'Teen Mom 2'

Last week, Teen Mom 2 fans finally saw the breakdown of what happened the day Jenelle Evans called 911 on her husband, David Eason. And during the most recent episode last night, Jenelle finally spoke about the situation that went down that night.

Jenelle refused to film at first, but the MTV cameras got Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, to encourage her into admitting her thoughts on the incident.

“I’m worried about her, but anybody who has domestic violence has to make the decision themselves to come forward,” Barbara said, according to US Weekly. “I was in a relationship all those years — he used to beat the living hell out of me. I remember that feeling … I felt disgraceful, I felt it was my fault, and that I was embarrassed and that I didn’t want anybody to know.”

Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend and father to her son Kaiser, Nathan Griffith, also spoke his mind, revealing that when he asked Jenelle about the situation she dodged his question and told him to mind his business.

“I really think David is capable of doing something like that,” Nathan admitted. “Everybody can see that Jenelle’s in an abusive relationship now and she’s trying to protect him. I think everybody is starting to realize who is the problem.”

Later in the episode, fans finally got to hear from Jenelle when she and Ensley met up with Barbara and Jace for some frozen yogurt. The 27-year-old mom said that the whole situation was just a big misunderstanding. According to Jenelle, the couple was having a bonfire at their house when David disappeared without explanation.

“When David pulled in the driveway, I came outside yelling, screaming and cussing at him because I was pissed off he didn’t answer the phone,” she said. “As I was yelling at him, we were by the fire. I was basically running toward him cussing, and then I tripped over this freakin’ hole. Well, he saw that I tripped and he went to go catch me and he fell too. So we both fell, and when he fell, he fell on top of me.”

At first, Jenelle thought David pushed her down on purpose, but later realized that was not the case. Jenelle reported last month she hurt her shoulder as a result of the incident.

On Tuesday, Jenelle responded to a fan who accused her of lying about the incident. Jenelle posted a screenshot that read, "did anybody notice how FLAMING RED @j_evans1219 neck was when she was telling her mom about the 911 call? That told me ALLLLL I needed to know. She was lying." Jenelle responded by writing, "Maybe cuz I was on camera talking about something serious and they wouldn't let it go until I did."

We have to say, that is a good point made by Jenelle.