Jenelle Evans and David Eason Go Out for Date Night Just 2 Weeks After His Arrest

Janelle Evans, David Eason
Jenelle Evans and David Eason documented their date together just two weeks after his arrest. | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

It looks like Jenelle Evans has fully backtracked on her promise to leave David Eason, and there's solid photo evidence. Just under two weeks after his arrest, and the pair was spotted out on a date night together Thursday evening.

As The Sun reports, Jenelle wasn't shy about showing off her relationship, taking to Instagram with several photos of herself, and one including David. In one photo, the former Teen Mom 2 star was seen smiling in a yellow tank top. In another, she focused the camera directly on her controversial husband. You can see screenshots of the posts here.

News broke nearly two weeks ago that David assaulted one of Jenelle's best friends, James Spivey, on June 12. The two got into an altercation, where David allegedly threatened to kill James before proceeding to pistol-whip him. The former Teen Mom 2 star was then arrested. After the incident, Jenelle vowed to move on from David, saying in a statement, "I'm shaking and saddened by this. It's time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere." However, that hasn't exactly been the case.

As James himself has said, Jenelle hasn't made a point to move out of the house she and David share. "She’s staying at the property. They’re back together. She made it very clear she doesn’t want to be alone," he told The Sun. "She doesn’t want to live on the property alone.” Looks like she's not ready to give up date nights, either.