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Jason Momoa shaves off his iconic locks for a good cause: 'Here's to new beginnings'

Apple TV+ Original Series "See" Season 3 Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Apple TV+ Original Series "See" Season 3 Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Jason Momoa has shaved off much of his trademark long hair to raise awareness of the impact of single-use plastic. The star of the Aquaman film franchise shared a clip to Instagram on Monday showing his locks being shorn.

“Aloha, everyone,” he begins, before breaking into a laugh. “Hand me those braids,” he says to a person offscreen, before holding up his snipped locks for the camera.

He continues: “Shaving off my hair. Doing it for -”, before breaking into a pained laugh at the close buzz, adding, “Oh, man. I’ve never even felt the wind there!”

The Game of Thrones star goes on to explain that raising awareness about the need to eradicate single-use plastic inspired his decision to cut his hair. Check out the post below!

“I'm tired of these plastic bottles,” he says. “We got to stop [using] plastic forks. All that s***. It goes into our land, into our ocean,” he continues.

“It's just so sad, so please: anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastic in your lives, help me,” he said.

The 43-year-old actor encouraged people to switch to aluminium bottles and canteens, rather than using plastic water bottles.