Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 is in full swing, and besides the obvious drama, such as Jenelle Evans' incidents, fans have been loving some of the relationships the girls are in now. In last night's episode, we saw Leah Messer open up to boyfriend Jason Jordan about her daughter Ali's latest doctor's appointment. Jason has seemingly proven to be trustworthy and dependable, which has fans asking for some of the basics on this guy.

What Does Jason Jordan Do for a Living?

According to The Ashley, who did some deep digging on Jason's LinkedIn profile, Leah's boyfriend is a 39-year-old graduate from West Virginia Wesleyan College. He played basketball in school, and was apparently a professional basketball player for about a year, involved in an organization called "Hoop Visions." Currently, Jason works in medical sales.

Leah met Jason through mutual friends, and sources say they are really great together. Jason has a son named Raylan, who he and his ex-wife welcomed in 2016. He's also been married twice, just as Leah has.

Although Leah and Jason's relationship was pretty private at first, the Teen Mom star often posts photos of them on social media now, and her man has even appeared on the MTV show. Back in July 2018, sources were sure Jason didn't want to be shown in any episodes. "She [Leah] is filming for Season 9 but has mentioned to [crew members] that he will not be on ‘Teen Mom 2’ because she wants to keep this relationship more private," The Ashley reported at the time.

Does the fact that Jason is now more involved in the show mean their relationship is becoming more serious? We'll have to just wait and see. In the meantime, he seems like a standup guy.