Jameela Jamil Tries to Defend Her Recent Criticism of Khloé Kardashian

Jameela Jamil attempted to defend her criticism of Khloé Kardashian by claiming there was apparently never any criticism directed toward the reality television star in the first place.

Jamil, an actress who is best known for her role of Tahani on The Good Place, is also an activist and culture critic on social media who focuses on systematic body-shaming and other women-related issues.

Last week, Jamil used a screenshot of something posted to Khloé’s Instagram Story to comment on fat-shaming in the media.

Many fans viewed Jamil's post as a direct shot at Kardashian herself, who was only seemingly joking in the Instagram Story post. The actress received a slew of negative comments and media attention regarding her initial tweet, and returned to Twitter on Thursday in order to defend herself.

Jameela claimed that she was only trying to criticize the "industry" that "did this to her" and was not taking any shots at Khloé, but rather, she was being empathetic in regards to how the reality star feels about weight loss.

"People who haven’t suffered with/or understand eating disorders don’t understand the desperate need we are in to change the conversation around weight and food," Jamil wrote on Twitter. "Especially media and celebrities... They need to understand how triggering words can be for those suffering with ED."

Khloé has yet to respond publicly to any of Jamil's comments.