iTunes is Currently Having a Major Sale for 'The Office' Complete Series

The cast of 'The Office'
The cast of 'The Office' / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For all you Netflix subscribers, you only have one more year to binge The Office until it's gone and jumps over to NBC's new streaming site, Peacock, in 2021. Not trying to subscribe to yet another streaming service? Well, we've got another idea.

Because of Netflix's ease and accessibility, fans of The Office have been able to re-watch favorite episodes and seasons, making the series as popular now as it was ten years ago. Perhaps in response to the ever-growing interest, iTunes is currently having a major sale, as reportedly by BGR, where you can buy seasons one through nine for just $29.99. This is a huge discount from its usual price of $70. Check out the deal here.

This is certainly a great idea for diehard fans of The Office in the long run to ensure you can always check back in with the Dunder Mifflin gang at any time, no matter what streaming services you're subscribed to. Better act fast!