That's so NOT how you pronounce Raven-Symoné's name

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You may have been saying Raven Symoné's name wrong this whole time.

That's right: The That's So Raven star set the record straight in a video posted to TikTok on Jan. 19.

"Yo, that's Raven-Symoné," the text included in the clip read. "It's pronounced See-mon-ye."

Using the viral sound of Jennifer Tilly in Chucky going, "Shut up, it is not," Raven then mouthed the words, "Yes, it is."

The revelation shocked many fans who'd been mispronouncing her name all these years.

"Damn Raven Suh-Moan rolls off the tongue tho," one commenter wrote. "Ima need to hear it out loud to drill it in my head." Added another, "My whole life is a lie." Chimed in a third, "Whatttt I'm sorry for saying it wrong all the time."

Although, Raven seemed to understand the confusion. "I've only said it correctly in French speaking countries," the actress, 37, explained in the comments. "Its easier the 'American' way I don't have to worry about correcting people all the [time]."