In the age of texting, the "talking" stage, and a whole lot of friend-zoning, it's often very difficult to tell if someone you're interested in is interested in you back. Sometimes we think it would be easier back in the day when professing your love for someone wasn't uncommon.

If you're crushing on a girl and want to figure out if she likes you too, here are five easy tells.

1. If She Texts You All the Time

If you're texting back and forth constantly with a girl, chances are she probably likes you. If she's answering you right away, it means she enjoys talking to you and doesn't find your texts annoying. This right off the bat means she's at least interested in a friendship, but maybe more. It's a solid start.

2. If She Compliments You

Apart from texting all the time, if she compliments you often, that more than likely means she likes you. If she notices things you do, wear, and say, then takes the time to compliment those things, it means she cares about you and wants to show it. It could even be flirting, but it's important to read the situation closely. She could just be a very nice person.

3. If She Asks You Deep Questions

Talking all the time is one thing, but if she asks you important questions, like about your family, your dreams in life, and your fears, she probably likes you. These questions are a bit more intimate than just friendly talk, so unless you two are best friends who talk about deep subjects often, then she most likely is interested in you, at least to get to know you better. It also means she trusts you enough to confide in you.

4. If She Tells Her Friends About You

If you're interested in a girl that isn't already in your friend group, a major tell to know if she likes you back is if she talks about you to her friends. Introducing you to them would be the next step after this. If she brings you up to her friends, that means you're a big part of her life that she feels the need to mention. If she likes you, she'd likely spill all the details to her friends.

5. If She Invites You to Meet Her Parents

Meeting a girl's parents doesn't always mean she's romantically interested in you, but it could be a big sign. Introducing you to her parents could mean she really values you as a person and wants the most important people in her life to know you. This could also mean she sees a future with you. It's important to read the situation closely and look out for how she treats you in front of her parents: as a significant other or just a friend.

If you like a girl and she does all of these things, chances are she feels the same way. However, there are always exceptions, so make sure to analyze the situation well before putting her under any pressure.