While it might seem like Batman beat Superman for good in their most recent cinematic outing, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Henry Cavill is here to remind fans that his character was apparently holding back the whole time.

Comic book fans have loved debating who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman, and since the question returned when the superheroes came to the big screen, the fight scene garnered a lot of attention. Dawn of Justice showed that Batman emerged victorious.

The famous fight was recently resurrected by DC artist and publisher Jim Lee, as reported by Screen Rant, who posted a drawing on Instagram of Batman and Superman mid-fight, with Superman using his heat vision as a weapon.

Cavill responded to the post: "Seeeeee. Was holding back the whole time..."

This comment just means we need a redo between the two superheroes, although their next outing will likely not star either actors. Ben Affleck has since left the role, with Robert Pattinson cast as his replacement, and while Cavill hasn't officially announced his departure, reports claim he's done with the role.