The heartwarming way John Krasinski says wife Emily Blunt inspires him

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CinemaCon 2023 - Paramount Pictures Presentation / Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

John Krasinski recently gushed over wife Emily Blunt's support as he finished filming the fourth and final season of Jack Ryan. And although she's previously described him as an "everyman hero at home," he insisted that title belongs with her.

"Maybe an everyman, but I don't know about hero," the 43-year-old said on the June 22 episode of E! News. "I think she's the hero at home for sure."

He added, "Her support through this show is what's made it possible for me. Not only in the logistics of having to travel the world constantly, and being supportive, and making sure my kids didn't abandon me when I had to go to these countries and shoot."

The A Quiet Place director, who also acted alongside his wife in the franchise's first film, said that when it comes to filming action movies, he takes his cues from her.

"I also take such inspiration from her, in everything," John continued, "but she's also done this action stuff way better than I have. So I go back and I watch Edge of Tomorrow and Jungle Cruise and get more ideas."