Any Game of Thrones fan can tell you that waiting around for the final season has been grueling. Not only have we not had any new episodes of the beloved series since Aug. 2017, but from what we've heard about Season 8, we're going to literally need therapy when it's all over.

We've slowly but surely been getting bits of information and teases about the upcoming season, such as that it's coming in April, that Sansa Stark will seemingly be ready to give up the North to Daenerys Targaryen, and that the six episodes will be similar to movies. And now, HBO is letting us know when to expect the premiere date.

Taking to Twitter today, HBO shared a fake text conversation between an HBO employee and their boss. The person asks if they could get the Season 8 premiere date, to which the boss says they will find out on Sunday before the premiere of True Detective's third season.

So there you have it. Be sure to tune in a few minutes before the premiere of True Detective Season 3 this Sunday, Jan. 13. We'll at the very least get the date to expect Thrones to return, but hopefully a new trailer too? Maybe simply another teaser.