'Harry Potter' and Vans Collaborating for New Shoe Collection

Need better shoes to wear while you're learning how to fly a broomstick? Vans has got you covered. They are collaborating with Harry Potter and releasing a shoe collection that will help you travel all over the Wizarding World.

On Monday, Vans announced a Harry Potter collection is coming soon. While we don't know much about the collection, Cosmopolitan reports the shoes could take inspiration from the Hogwarts houses. Which means the Gryffindor-styled shoes will be the first to sell out.

The shoe company posted a teaser on its Instagram combining the logos for each company. On their website, you can sign up for the newsletter to get updates for when the shoes will drop. The site also has a cool effect when you move your cursor. Each of the house colors are represented and when you scroll it looks like the cursor is dragging water.

Fans have been going crazy about the upcoming shoes ever since their announcement.

Judging by the almost psychedelic nature of the backgrounds for the promos, both on Instagrams and on their website, maybe we can expect the shoes to be designed similarly.

h/t: [Cosmo]