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We bet you didn't know this about Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber

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Justin and Hailey Bieber have been married since 2018, yet we're still finding out new things about the couple from time to time. While some die-hard fans of the couple would claim that they already know this fact about the model, we bet this information will come as a bit of a surprise to some. What could it be?

Well, some fans will be surprised to learn that being Mrs. Bieber and the glamorous jet-setting model she is today, wasn't always Hailey's dream. The 24-year-old once trained to be a professional ballet dancer and aspired to join the names of some of the best dancers in the world, but after suffering a foot injury, her career and dreams in the ballet world ceased.

She discussed her decision to quit ballet in an interview with Vogue Australia in 2019.

Since she couldn't make it as a ballet dancer anymore, she turned her full attention onto modeling and managed to build a successful brand, as well as snag Justin Bieber as a husband, which undoubtedly fills many green with envy.

Check out this fan made video of Hailey Bieber performing ballet, below!