Hailey Baldwin Reveals How Justin Bieber Proposed and What Her Wedding Dress Looks Like

It sounds crazy to say, but relative to some of Justin Biebers' other relationships, his marriage with Hailey Baldwin has been able to stay sort of private. There was no better testament of their commitment to that privacy than the fact that the two didn't even confirm their marriage until a couple of months after it happened.

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And for the first time ever, Hailey has revealed how Justin popped the question. In her "73 Questions" interview with Vogue, she explained how the Bahamas trip from 2018 went down.

"We were alone in a house, just the two of us, and it was very special," Hailey, who's the March cover star for Vogue, said. Maybe even sweeter, she also shared Justin went the traditional route and asked her dad, Stephen, for permission before proposing.

As for the luxurious dress she's going to wear for the big day, she stated: "I can't say much, but it's kind of like an off-white color."

The couple's wedding has reportedly been what the duo has been focused on at the moment instead of starting a family. However, when asked how much of her day is dedicated to wedding plans, Mrs. Bieber revealed that she needs to do a little more work on that.

"Not a lot, which reminds me that I should probably get on top of it," she stated.

As for other interesting nuggets from the interview, Hailey's guilty pleasure is Shakeshack, her current favorite show is This is Us, and the one thing she would raid Justin's closet for is his socks.