Fans of couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were excited to see the pair taking the next step after getting married, as they announced they had adopted a dog around Christmastime. The puppy, named Oscar, is a Maltese Terrier, and is probably the cutest thing in the world.

Both Justin and Hailey have been very active on social media to show off Oscar, making it clear that he's the only baby they need in their lives right now, despite rumors they might be ready to have kids.

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Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar

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The 22-year-old model especially has been posting nonstop of their little dog, but one recent video is getting a ton of negative attention, as many are accusing Hailey of mistreating Oscar. On Sunday, Hailey posted a video of her hanging with the pup on Instagram, in which she appears to be shaking him obsessively to the beat of a song. She wrote over the video, "don't worry he loves it."

Tons flocked to the comments section to weigh in on the video, according to, with one writing, "Please, Oscar is not a toy! Oscar is a living creature also @haileybieber!!! Would you like to be treated like that?" Another added, "How do you know the dog likes it? To be shaken like a puppet? Poor dog!" A third chimed in, "I like you Hailey and wish you the best. But please stop exhibiting your little dog as if it is a puppet. We don’t need to have a show of Oscar. Oscar is a sentient being. Let him be."

Hailey has since deleted the video from her Instagram, however has not commented publicly on the backlash. While it seems she was only trying to be cute with Oscar, no one is ever safe on the internet. We're sure she'll chill for a bit with the dog videos until this blows over.