Among the countless fan theories surrounding the final season of Game of Thrones involves the intentions of the Night King, and after the actor behind him, Vladimir Furdik, confirmed his character is after one person specifically, many have been going wild trying to figure out who that is. While one of the more popular beliefs is that he’s targeting Bran Stark, many also think he’s determined to kill Jon Snow. But a new fan theory puts a spin on all of these ideas, claiming the Night King wants Jon to become his heir.

Reddit user donkyboobs took to the platform to argue that perhaps the Night King was promised an heir thousands of years ago, and was waiting until one worthy enough was born.

“I believe part of the pact thousands of years ago with the Children Of The Forest was an agreement that he would be able to rid his curse of being the [Night King] by taking an heir to his undead throne, the theorist explains. “He was sick of getting Crastor’s [sic] sons as a ban-aid [sic] solution, the ignorance of not fulfilling this promise could also be why his army got so large.”

And the fact that Jon, and his best friend, have yet to be killed by the Night King might prove it’s because he wants him for something greater. The Redditor recalls the time Samwell Tarly is spared by the White Walkers in the Season 2 episode "Valar Morghulis,” explaining it could’ve been because they knew Sam was “important to Jon’s journey.” Additionally, the Night King chooses not to go after Jon, at least not directly, in the Season 7 episode “Beyond the Wall.” Instead, he shoots down Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon Viserion.

If the Night King truly is after Jon, as many theorize, this added layer means there's more to his motivations than to simply just kill him. And perhaps this would fulfill the theory that Jon is the prince that was promised—just not to the living. The Redditor argues that perhaps we’ll get more of a history behind the White Walker in the final season, one we might feel for.

“Remember Old Nan saying to Bran describing that the [Night King] might be a Stark, the fan points out. “I believe we will learn the [Night King] story and sympathise with him, I think he’s truly cursed and just wants to die but he can only die by transferring his throne to an heir.”

Jon might be in deeper trouble than we ever anticipated in the final season if this theory is even remotely true, however we’ll just have to wait and see to find out. Game of Thrones returns one last time on April 14.

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