'Game of Thrones' Theory Says It's Cersei Who Must Save Westeros From the Night King

All fans seem to do in the weeks leading up to the premiere of the final Game of Thrones season is write more and more fan theories. They just keep pouring out. Some are confusing, some are bizarre, but some could actually happen. Are you ready for another Season 8 theory?

The new intriguing theory is about Cersei Lannister, which says that she will save Westeros from the Night King and his army of White Walkers.

Remember back to Season 7 where Cersei hints to Jaime that she’s pregnant. What we thought was just a ploy to keep Jaime in King’s Landing, might not be the case, says Reddit user lounaaaaaaaa. According to The Independent, this theorist thinks Cersei’s pregnancy could be the one thing that keeps the Night King from killing everyone.

White Walkers accept babies as sacrifices as we saw the Wildings do in Season 2, so maybe Cersei will sacrifice her child to the Night King. Cersei saving everyone? Unheard of. But it could be a great twist the final season needs.

What will be more likely to happen is that the birth of this child will only cement Cersei’s claim to the throne which she will pass along to the child, who she will then probably manipulate like she does with everyone else. And considering how much she loved all her other children, it’s highly doubtful she would give up this child to save everyone. But of course, no one knows for sure.

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14, 2019.