'Game of Thrones' Theory Claims Daenerys Didn't Actually Turn Into the Mad Queen [SPOILERS]

This story includes spoilers for 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 5, "The Bells."

After nearly eight whole seasons of fans rooting for her to finally win the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen shocked fans beyond belief after she set the entire city of King's Landing on fire during Game of Thrones' latest episode, "The Bells." But some fans don't want to believe their Khaleesi is just as mad as her father, including this new theory that says Daenerys isn't as evil as we're lead to believe.

The theory comes from Redditor CapitolT7, who states that they can't buy into the whole "Mad Queen" plot, arguing that Daenerys turning to the dark side was actually for a bigger reason.

The user goes on to explain that they believe Daenerys chose to set fire to the city because she knew that if she set out a path of destruction, the people would rise up and overcome it. If she looked like the villain, it would give Jon Snow even more right to the Throne, and the people would love him for taking it.

"It is her view that to 'break the wheel' the people must rise up to do so, so she is going to do something truly horrible and become the leader everyone thinks she is in order to make them fight," the user explains.

But the user suggests that Jon still won't sit on the throne and will retreat to the North instead. They theorize:

"She will ultimately sacrifice herself (and Drogon) to Jon and his forces to bring about the change the 7 kingdoms needs. She knows that by losing to Jon (who doesn't want to be King) she can finally put an end to tyranny in Westeros and deliver power to its people. She will die a villain, but deliver salvation to the kingdom as an unknown martyr. Only Jon will know the truth and it will cause him to move north of the wall and forsake the Kingdom that is his. Few characters will know the truth about [Dany] until Jon tells Sam, and Sam writes the history years later."

But while this theory might give an explanation to Daenerys' recent actions, it still doesn't quite answer who will sit on the throne once all is said and done. Something tells us the look on Daenerys' face before she set out on her path of fire and destruction means she wanted revenge more than anything else. But we won't know until the series finale premieres this Sunday.