Jerome Flynn isn't exactly hyping up his Game of Thrones character Bronn in season eight, the final season of the saga.

"I don't know, they might not love him as much as they do right now," Flynn told Insider at the New York City Game of Thrones premiere. "But I hope they still do. He is who he is and what he says, isn't he? And he'll do what he needs to get his castle."

This standpoint could likely be said for many of our favorite characters on GoT, but Flynn's mention makes us wonder what exactly Bronn could be up to in the final season to make him reference the audience's opinion of the character changing.

Flynn also mentioned his experience of filming the last scene for his character--and his description was different than what you may expect.

"It wasn't that stressful or strenuous for me," he told Insider. "Yeah, that's all I'm saying. I wasn't that stressed or strained."

We'll have to wait until the final season premieres on April 14 to see what happens to Bronn and the rest of the people of Westeros--but until then, we'll be analyzing what these cryptic quotes could mean.