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'Friends' Theory Asks if Rachel Dreamed the Whole Thing

One of the most thought-out Friends fan theories goes way deeper than the creators would probably expect. The theory that Rachel dreamt the entirety of the show would have been an interesting twist, but somehow it seems as though that would've been way more complicated than ever intended.

In 2017, many years after the show ended, a photo of the gang on the cover of the season four DVD box started to circulate the internet. It showed proof that the theory that Rachel had just dreamt it all could be possible after all.

The cover shows the gang all asleep on a couch, except Rachel who is sitting in the middle, wide awake, and looking straight into the camera. So naturally that one little detail made fans question, why is Rachel awake? Well, the answer could be simple. This could be the creators' way of telling us that Rachel had in fact dreamt the whole thing. Right?

Twitter: @thetedfox | MinuteMedia

One Twitter fan explained their theory that Rachel might've fallen into a dream the night before her wedding to Barry, where she conjured up her ideal group of friends to cope with her anxiety. Her waking up from the dream in reality could be what we see on the cover of the DVD box.

This would be an interesting tidbit of information to support the theory, if it wasn't for the fact that the picture was promo for the fourth season and not on the last. If she dreamt the entire show, wouldn't it be revealed on the cover of the last season, not halfway through the series? The theories continue.

[h/t: Mental Floss]