'Friends' Cast Reportedly Nearing Deal for Reunion Special and Their Paychecks Could Be Major

'Friends' cast could be making $3-$4 million each for reported reunion special
'Friends' cast could be making $3-$4 million each for reported reunion special / Getty Images/Getty Images

It's been nearly 16 years since the final episode of Friends aired, but fans still haven't given up hope (is that would a dinosaur would do?) that the beloved cast would get back together someday to revisit the iconic series. And recent months have shown the dedicated fanbase that all this waiting might be worth it, as talks of a reunion special have arisen from HBO Max.

The actors behind Friends have been tight-lipped on any of the details, but a new report from Deadline claims that the original six cast members are nearing a deal with Warner Bros. TV for what is believed will be a one-hour special. And, as expected, the main players would be paid big, with the site stating they've heard it would be in the the "$3 million-$4 million range" for each actor.

While nothing has been officially announced, fans lost their minds earlier this week when Chandler Bing actor Matthew Perry teased "Big news coming" on Twitter. He soon after made an Instagram page, following in the footsteps of Rachel Green actress Jennifer Aniston, who also recently joined—and literally broke the platform due to the high volume of people trying to follow her.

There's no word on when this Friends reunion special would be filmed or released, but here's to hoping we get more information soon. So far, it seems we'll be heading back to Central Perk sooner than later!