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First 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Posters Released

The reality that Game of Thrones is coming to an end just got more real, and we don't know whether we're more excited or sad. Fans have finally been gifted with Season 8 character posters, as shared by Entertainment Weekly from HBO.

The 20 posters depict many of the major characters in the hit series in new wardrobes, looking into the souls of fans with expressions that haunt us. Swipe below for the most epic ones.

All the characters are shown seated on the Iron Throne, even the Night King and other unlikely characters. Having them all sit on the hot seat just plays on fans' worries about who will eventually win the game. It just makes us wonder, though, what would a world with any of these unexpected characters sitting on throne look like? Weird, to say the least.

The posters also reveal the return of Melisandre into the show, which is interesting. What kind of sorcery could she be cooking up in Season 8?

Euron Greyjoy also gets his own poster, which is unexpected considering he's really not that big of a character, but maybe this means he has a major role in the upcoming season.

While the posters are exciting to see, it also reminds us that this will be the last time we get teasers for a new season, which is just about the most upsetting thing ever. GoT returns for the final time on April 14.