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First footage of Marvel's Ironheart shown at D23

D23 Expo 2022
D23 Expo 2022 / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Ironheart, the Marvel Cinematic Universe solo series about new hero Riri Williams, portrayed by Dominique Thorne, has been seen in action for the first time in brand new footage.

Revealed at D23 2022 to just fans in the room, an early look at the show saw protagonist Riri Williams, a student at MIT, talking into what appeared to be a high-tech necklace. She's clearly a tech-centric hero, and can be seen making things at school, as well as hacking. She's breifly seen in her Ironheart suit of armour. There's also a scene of her friend, Parker Robbins, being arrested.

In The Heights lead actor Anthony Ramos plays Parker Robbins, and came out on stage after the footage was shown. Fans of the comics will know Parker better as the supervillain The Hood, a character who uses magic and the dark arts. In the show it seems he's not quite a full villain (at least to begin with), but there's certainly more to him than just a straight-up good guy.

Hopefully Marvel will release the first look for the rest of us fans soon too, but until then we'll just have to patiently wait!