First Ever Batman-Themed Restaurant Coming to London

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The first ever Batman-themed restaurant is coming to London, England | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

For food lovers and comic book fans in London (or those willing to travel), an exciting treat is coming soon! A new venue called Park Row is in the works, which will feature five different restaurants, themed to Batman, Superman, and Harley Quinn, among other notable DC characters.

According to Forbes, Park Row will offer more of a theater-style dining experience, with the space boasting a whopping 18,000 square feet. Dining begins by descending into a grotto, made to mimic Batman's lair. Dinner is served in an elegant library-themed space. Following the library, there is an area called Old Gotham City featuring sushi and cocktails which pay homage to Harley Quinn.

The biggest restaurant in Park Row is called Iceberg Lounge, which features marble floors and a massive ice sculpture of a penguin. Meals begin around $58 per person. The most expensive of the restaurants is called the Monarch Theater, with the average price per person about $155.

Stir around the new venue is already inspiring Twitter users to book flights to London, unsurprisingly!

It is not yet known when this awesome venue will be opening.